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Heavy rain to hit Shenzhen this week

Source: Shenzhen DailyUpdated:2019-06-25

There will be thunderstorms or heavy rain in some areas of the city today and tomorrow, according to a forecast by Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory.

The observatory issued an orange alert for heavy rain in Bao’an, Guangming and Longhua districts yesterday. By 5 p.m. the heavy rain had affected northern Bao’an, Guangming, Longhua and western Longgang.

The heaviest rainfall of 90.9 millimeters was recorded at Luotian Reservoir Observatory Station in Yanluo Subdistrict, Bao’an District.

Rainfall is expected to let up later this week.

The observatory advised residents to avoid tunnels, riversides and low-lying areas as fast onset and heavy rainfall can easily cause floods.