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Source: LONGGANG GOVERNMENT ONLINEUpdated:2018-11-21

 List of Household Electricity Prices in Shenzhen (Effective from July 1, 2018) 


For service application, please visit the online business hall of China Southern Power Grid: https://95598.sz.csg.cn/menu/ydfw.jsp

Price List of Water Fees, Sewage Treatment Fees, and Garbage Disposal Fees

Shenzhen Water Resources Bureau

Comprehensive Window of West Hall of Administrative Service Hall of Shenzhen Civil Center (Water Resources)

Tel.: (866-755) 88125974

Add.: Comprehensive Window, 1/F, Zone B, Administrative Service Hall, Shenzhen Civil Center, Fuzhong Road 3, Futian District, Shenzhen (深圳市福田區福中三路深圳市市民中心行政服務大廳B區一樓綜合窗口)

Office Hours:

Traffic Guidance

Working days: 9:00 to 12:00, 14:00 to 17:45 (excluding statutory holidays)

Bus and metro:

Bus: Civil Center Station: No. 38, No. 60, No. 64, No. 107, No. 235, No. 236, No. 374, No. 398, No. B686, No. E18, No. K578, No. M262, No. M390, and No. N9. Civil Center East Station: No. 38, No. 60, No. 64, 76 (shuttle bus), No. 235, No. 371, No. 373, No. 374, No. 398, No. B709, No. M347, No. M390, No. N9, and No. 4 (peak-hour).

Metro: Civil Center Station: Metro Line 2 (Shekou Line) and Metro Line 4 (Longhua Line)

List of Business and Commercial Electricity Prices in Shenzhen

List of Pipeline Gas Charges

Summary of Shenzhen Gas Business Office Addresses and Phone Numbers