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Nanling Village and Qiushuishan Scenic Area

Source: LONGGANG GOVERNMENT ONLINEUpdated:2018-11-15

Qishuishan Scenic Area

Qishuishan Scenic Area is located in Nanling Village, a national model village. A “Great Wall” similar stands on mountains with walls and beacon towers similar to that of Beijing Badaling. Walk along the “Great Wall,” you can enjoy the scenery all the way.

Ascending the mountain along the “Great Wall”, you can enjoy the scenery and overlook the “Southern Pearl” at the top with special fun. Also, you can also feast on the open view of the New Territories, Hong Kong and the beautiful backgarden of Shenzhen infused with the flavor of modern economic development on Qiushui Peak. The park also has a museum of Hakka history, and a couple of sites featuring the district’s history and Chinese history.

The park is a popular site for nearby residents with a lot of leisure facilities for both adults and children.